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Are you there and you are having trouble with your electric gate or are you planning to install one. We are the best dealers with electric gates and their repair. We have a team of qualified personnel’s who have specialized in installation of automatic gates/ electric gates. Before we let our team into the team they are undertaken a series of tests to qualify them. This ensures that the chances of wrong or unpleasing service to the client have been eliminated at all cost. We have been in the industry for quite a long time and our work and services can’t be outdone. This has given us the publicity to ensure security of our work and thus giving our clients enough confidence to us. 

We also do not only offer the gate services but also make the gates up to quality standards, we pick the users design and put it to work up to the professional level. 

Our clients are satisfied by our work since we do not only provide a one time job but in addition to that we also offer regular check up service to the gate at unbeatable discounts. Our work is of high quality we also have the electronic gates operator who ensure smooth running of your gate. We also have a track record of our activities that enable us to date our self. After our work we collect feedbacks from our clients to help us asses the quality of our work and note if there are any glitches in our line of services or personnel’s. This has enabled us to gradually improve our services and reducing the chances of fallouts. 

For those who want to be in our clients record and have their electric gates/ automatic gates already installed by other firms, need not to worry as we can also offer our service to you all you have to do is contact us or visit our site and register. We have also started on installing monitoring software that has been fed with artificial intelligence (this enables it to behave like a human being). This enables it to detect unfamiliar faces and identify them to the involved authority. The software can be linked to a mobile app that enables mobile control of the gate. The top office can also monitor the gate system from their smart phones. 

For the automatic gate we have super and durable gate motors that are resistant to damages, this ensures that your gate doesn’t ware out fast compared to others. The gate motors are developed in such a manner that it rolls forward and can change the cycle instantly incase there is an attack. We also offer electric gate repair and automatic gate repairs at the clients call. The gate repair service does not only go to our clients but also the non clients who are interested. 

For services enquiry of queries you can contact our customer care desk. Our confidence in our work portrays the work quality that we offer above our competitors. Quality services from qualified people.


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