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Securing your property

Automated gates and doors not only keep our families and property safe but also mark property lines and increase our home value. These gates are electrically driven and are tailored to suit your needs and also provide a wide range of access solutions. Some of these access solutions include remote control, video surveying options and audio communication systems

Available options for electric gate

Various options for automatic gates include sliding gates, roller gates, swing gates and panel lift garage doors which use the same principle of operation. These gates are common in our neighborhood and industrial areas and reduce the hassles of manually operation. 

Electric gates are comprised of several components which make the whole system function as a unit. These components include the electric motor, backup battery in case of power failure, infrared obstacle sensor which prevents the gate from closing as a vehicle is passing and an intercom system that enables the users to identify visitor before entry. Failure of one component may cause the whole system failure thus the need of regular maintenance of the systems

Operation of the automatic gates

The electric motor brings about the difference between electric and normal gates and is the backbone of automated gates. The most common motor is the hydraulic motor which enables the gate to operate without being pushed manually. There also exists other motor options that we offer, these motors are dependent on the type of gating system available.

Just like any machine or electric appliance, automatic gates are also prone to failure and breakage mainly characterized by jamming. Failure of a particular component may translate to the whole system failure and professional maintenance is required in such occurrences.

Repair and maintenance services

Gate repair service at San Clemente are available where we offer gate repair and maintenance services such as jamming solutions, remote control replacement, gate installation, gate replacement and intercom installations. We have a qualified personnel trained to tackle such problems and we recommend that untrained individuals shouldn’t fix the problem as it may worsen the situation or cause bodily harm through electric shocks. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure durability and proper functioning of the systems.

Fencing options 

It is impractical to have a good electric gating system while having a poor fencing in your property. We can therefore say that an automated gated system is a complementary of good fencing. We offer fencing installation, maintenance and repair services for your home making your home completely secure while maintaining a modern urban look.

Automatic gate operation is not difficult and manuals for operation are readily available, these manuals contain the basics of operating the gates and simple installations, however they should not be used as repair manuals in case failure. Manual operation entails pressing a button to open or close the gates but remote controls are commonly used to open and close the gate automatically. The remote controls are portable and operate on a signal system working within a few meters.

Are gate operators necessary?

It is not common to see gate operators where an automatic gate exists as the owners can simply operate the system, however a gate operator may be needed if the automated system is nonfunctional to manually operate the opening and closing systems.


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